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Our Story

Kristin Thielking

Originally from the East Coast—Cold Spring Harbor, New York—Kristin received her BFA from Brown University, and holds an MFA in Art from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. She is a Professor Emerita in Sculpture and Environmental Art at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where she taught for 23 years.
Kristin currently lives in Amherst Junction with her husband and partner, Keven Brunett, where she continues her creative research connected to the environment and specifically water.

Natural teachers, Kristin and Keven lead classes and workshops for all ages, helping students explore their own creativity and guide them in processes of making their ideas into art.

Keven Brunett

Keven is from a little town called Thorp, Wisconsin. He received his BFA and MFA in Visual Art/Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. Keven has taught Art and Sculptural practices at a number of private colleges and public universities including the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 
A passionate advocate for the power of creative expression, he currently teaches Art full time for the Stevens Point Area Public School District in Elementary through 4th Grade.
Keven lives in Amherst Junction with his wife and partner, Kristin Thielking running Thielking Brunett Art Studios and teaching classes.


More of Our Story

Keven and Kristin have exhibited their work widely, have participated in multiple artist residencies, and they have been commissioned to design and fabricate numerous large-scale public art projects, as permanent and temporary site-specific installations and sculptural pieces.  They have their work in numerous national public and private collections.
Featured projects include the Wisconsin Percent for Arts commission for the Waukesha State Office Building in Waukesha, WI; Marshfield Clinic, in Marshfield, WI; Milwaukee’s Third Ward Arts Walk, in WI; Dubuque River Walk, in Iowa; Bank of Wausau, in WI, University of Indianapolis, in Indiana; Magee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Oklahoma; and Olbrich Botanical Gardens, in Madison, WI.
While they work together creatively, perhaps the greatest collaboration is their two children, Rowen and Finn. Life on the farm has it's challenges, though they absolutely enjoy the process of growing Thielking Brunett Art Studio and watching it thrive!​​


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