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Art Work & Installations

Kristin and Keven have created art together for more than 25 years. They each continue their own practice and collaborate with other artists. Enjoy a few of their featured works on this page.


Moving Compass Series

Blue Boat Top View

Kristin recounts the history of this project.

Lisa Beth Robinson and I began collaborating on the “Wrecked” Series in 2015 when so many of our conversations began as they still do, with a “what if…?”. Since that time, we have created several bodies of work using innovative processes like casting glass from linoleum cuts and working with scientists to capture a wave in real time using the photogrammetric process. 

Building upon on an initial pilot event, held at the Society and Sea Conference in Greenwich, UK, 2018, and focussing on 5 of the 17 SDGs including SDG13: Climate Action and SDG14: Life below Water, this iteration of Catching a Wave is designed specifically to increase awareness and resonance of the SDGs and oceanscapes with multiple audiences through a mixed media approach of glass fusion, photogrammetry, and audio interaction.

Installatioin view of the exhibition, "Voices 20" in 2010

This installation is a sculptural book, a collection of 500 regional American words and phrases that don’t exist in any traditional English dictionary. The collection represents the evolution of language in America that has resulted from the co-mingling of diverse cultures and ethnicities. The D.A.R.E. celebrates our interconnectedness through language. The piece explores the idea that America’s strength and potential lies in its rich diversity of ethnicities and cultures.

Marshfield Clinic

This permanent public installation, was created by Keven Brunett, Kristin Thielking, Julie Sittler, and Dave Sittler working as the collaborative group DJKK Sculpture. They designed, built, and installed the piece in the main foyer of Marshfield Clinic, in Marshfield, Wisconsin. This large multi-element sculpture consisted of a steel tree with numerous clear and colored glass leaves, silk-screened with words of encouragement and lively lines.

Marshfield Clinic Lobby

This kinetic sculpture responds to the beauty of the Fox River, which flows on the opposite side of the building. Each "puddle" is engraved with a quote about water or the natural environment from a variety of authors and historical figures, and through a collaboration with the employees of the building we were able to incorporate their input for the quotes. This sculptural installation consists of twenty kinetic aluminum weather vane sculptures and fourteen cast glass puddles lit by fiber optics, which change color and brightness every few minutes. Waukesha, WI

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